In order to get a better grip of things where sports betting is concerned, it’s quite a good thing to have a betting strategy in place. That’s why we have brought together some of the best sportsbook wagering methods for you to read about. Then, you can potentially insert these into your own sports betting routine.

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Best betting strategies: Fixed Wager option

Method 1 that we want to explain to you about, is the Fixed Wager option. It’s a fairly simple betting method that doesn’t require you to have a lot of inside information or mathematical calculations occurring. Therefore, it can be quite a handy system for newcomers to adopt.

The title of the strategy really gives all of the information necessary. You bet a fixed amount for each bet. Simple, right? Well, yes, on the whole. But, how do you decide upon that wager amount? Is there anything that you need to do in order to come to such a bet amount conclusion? And what are the drawbacks, if any, to such a gambling method? Let’s take a closer look at the Fixed Wager system.

How to Use the Fixed Wager Betting Strategy

For us to be able to explain this method to you, we’ll need to bring forth a small example of a sports bet. One thing to make note of regarding this system, is that it can be quite a beneficial route to go if you’re unsure of who will win. Additionally, it can reserve some of your funds so that you don’t bow out without a penny to your name. Therefore, we like to call it the safe strategy.

A Fixed Wager bet requires you to simply stick to the same betting amount each time you wager. You can then divide it by your potential sports event choices, which differ depending upon the sport that you’re wagering on. So, if you choose to bet a total of £10 on each sport or event that you wager on that day, you should stick with this. Of course, it can also mean that your winnings can be quite limited to increase in a very slow way. If this is of no issue to you, then Fixed Wager betting can be somewhat appealing. The £10 bet in this example is not £10 per section bet though. So, if you’re wagering on football for example, we don’t mean that you should place a £10 bet on Manchester United to win and then a £10 bet on Romelu Lukaku scoring the first goal. Instead, that £10 should be divided between all wagers that you want to place for that specific match.

The good thing about using the Fixed Wager betting system is that you can choose any amount that you think is a limit for you. So, if you only want to place a maximum of £5 per event wager, then do so. You don’t need to do any sort of calculations to determine this wager amount. However, you know of your own budget, so make it something that will allow you to participate in several events.

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Sports betting strategies: the Proportional betting

One of the better betting strategies to put to use when it comes to sports betting, is Proportional Betting. This option has the ability to limit your losses, whilst simultaneously enhancing the profit that you make. It’s perhaps the easiest way of getting a grip on the wagers that you place. While this system can work in a variety of different ways, there’s a simple explanation of it. Basically, you increase your bets very slightly with each win. Because of working it this way, you significantly reduce the risk of the damage done to your balance.

The actual utilisation of this betting system requires you to place a fraction of your bankroll in direct proportion to your edge. While this does require a little bit of mathematics calculations, it’s fairly simple to do. So, let’s take a closer look at Proportional Betting and find out exactly how a sports bettor can make use of it easily.

Using Proportional Betting to Place Wagers

It wouldn’t be right to offer up such a betting strategy without giving you a clear look at it in action. Therefore, we’ll use a quick example to explain it clearly. The idea of the betting strategy is to take your edge and divide it by the odds. So, in our example, we’ll say that the edge is 10% and the odds are evens – 10/1, which is 10. In this instance, 10% of your balance should be placed as a wager. So, if we have a balance of £2,000 in our sports betting account, we need to place a wager of £200 on an event.

So, in this example, we’ll place a £200 bet on horse number seven winning a race. Should this wager be successful, the next bet that we place will increase to £220. This is because 10% of your new bank balance is wagered. After the winning wager, you’ll have 10% more on top of the original £2,000 balance, standing at £2,200. Again, if you win the £220 wager, then you increase that again by 10% of the new overall balance. It’s really that simple.

Because this system only takes a proportion of your balance, which is based on the edge, this is how it can minimise dramatic losses, but also boost your winning bets too. It’s comparable in ease-of-use to the Fixed Wager system 1, but winnings will increase on a much faster level. At the same time, losses will also slow down. Proportional Betting does have somewhat of a grand appeal, thanks to how trusty it can be. However, instances of wins and losses still matter. If you’re going through a spate of losing wagers, then your balance is still going to deplete. That’s why you also need to win during the betting system too. That being said, it works as perhaps one of the better wagering strategies to make use of when sports betting.

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Bet Everything, Every Time option

Sports betting strategies are available in their plentiful amounts. Some of these are simpler and easier to utilise and understand than others. The next method of sports betting systems is the Bet Everything, Every Time option. This one may seem quite self-explanatory from its title. And to a degree, it is. Putting it blankly, it’s perhaps the betting technique that almost every non-professional bettor utilises. And while it is a fairly popular betting strategy because of this, it’s also one of the least successful if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As it stands, this technique works exceptionally well if you bet well and consequently win big. However, it can also be quite the monumental failure if you place bad wagers, resulting in you losing epic amounts. While it’s considered by professionals to be a terrible betting system, it is so often put to use by novices and more so, sports bettors. Let’s find out exactly how it works, shall we? Here’s a look at the system bet Everything, Every Time.

How Do I Use the Bet Everything, Every Time Method?

The answer to this question is very simple and doesn’t require mathematics to be brought into use either. Simply put, you wager your entire balance on each bet. So, let’s say that you have a balance of £350 and you want to place a wager on a Barcelona Vs. Bayern Munich match. You would basically take your £350 and place it all on a single bet, let’s say Bayern Munich to win. Naturally, if the team does win, then you will see your bankroll sky rocket. A £350 bet, regardless of the kind of odds that Bayern Munich has, will still give you a nice profit.

The major downside to using this strategy is that if Bayern Munich lost or even drew against Barcelona, your whole balance is gone in a flash. No funds, no money, no nothing. Until you deposited at your preferred sportsbook again, you’d be out of cash. This method is probably the riskiest of all, because you’re not splitting your bankroll up. You’re not really following any system either. Simply put, you’re placing a single wager of your entire funds on one specific outcome. And while the preferred outcome brings in masses of profit, the opposite end of the spectrum brings massive losses.

Do we recommend using the Bet Everyting, Every Time method? Well, it’s something that should only be employed if you’re absolutely sure and certain that the outcome of an event will be in your favour. Newcomers to sports betting often fall by the wayside with such a strategy, because their knowledge of such is so little. Even the professional gamblers tend to steer clear of method 5, just because of the high risk level.

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Don’go on tilt and bet sober

While it’s good to employ a certain one or two sports betting strategies, it’s also good to make sure that you follow some basic tips as well. After all, there’s more to sports betting than simply just placing a wager and following a system. And these tips can be put to use in both land-based and online bookmakers. The first tip to follow is that you shouldn’t bet whilst under the influence of alcohol. Always ensure that you’re sober and able to use your head, rather than some hysterical bout of alcohol-fuelled betting.

This goes hand-in-hand with not letting your emotions get the better of you. That’s why this method refers to you as a bettor and your betting state of mind, rather than any specific strategy. It’s only normal to become frustrated if you suffer a loss, or over-excited if you win big. These are natural reactions to such outcomes. However, if you’re planning on continuing betting straight after such, then it’s imperative to keep a cool head. Let’s find out more about this method and how to act in a sports betting environment.

Keeping Your Cool and Having a Clear Head

It’s quite surprising how many people go out to a race track or sit down to watch a football event for example, having had a few cans beforehand. Speaking now, placing wagers while sober sounds like expert and common sense advice. However, things do tend to get out of hand once alcohol is circulating through your system. It’s not such a coincidence that top establishments in Las Vegas provide free alcoholic beverages to players in their casinos. After all, your betting judgement will seriously be flawed by alcohol and the house wins in that instance. This is why it’s always imperative to ensure that you’re sober and able to make sensible judgements. Otherwise, you might just as well give your money directly to the sportsbook.

The second part of this strategy is don’t go on tilt. This phrase of “tilting” is used a lot in reference to poker players, and it basically relates to letting your emotions take control. Naturally, if you’re high from a win or angry from a loss, this will affect your proceeding wagers and play. If you do find yourself in such a situation, then it’s always best to step away from betting for a short time and return when you’re level-headed again. The last thing that you want to do is get so excited from a win and place bigger bets, only to go on and lose. And if you’re already angry, then getting even angrier isn’t going to help matters either. Your emotions need to be steady and your mind needs to be in focus.

The method is more so about you as a sports bettor, rather than a strategy. However, as far as hints and tips go, it’s perhaps one of the most important things to remember. You’re the one who is gambling with your money, after all. So, you need to be in full control of it, rather than an influx of alcohol or an emotional outburst.

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Best betting strategies: Do your shopping

Some methods of sports betting are quite easy to get the hang of and utilise. Others are more difficult. And then there are those that are simply tips and hints that can help you to be successful with your wagers. That’s exactly what this method from us is all about. We call it, Do Your Shopping. It’s common knowledge that there are many different online sportsbooks available to sign up to and place wagers at. Maybe you’re already a member of two or three of them, and this is great. However, it’s important that you don’t just go blindly in and place bets at one and then an alternative one at random.

Do Your Shopping requires you to check between each of the different bookmakers and locate which has the best lines and odds for you to wager on. That way, you can always try to get the most out of the event that you’re placing bets on. We always recommend signing up to at least two different platforms, because it’s generally always the case that they’ll provide different offers on different matches. Therefore, you can get the most out of placing a wager on one sport at one place and a different sport at another, due to the difference in odds. Let’s look a bit closer.

How Does Shopping Around Help Me?

Shopping around, as far as sports betting goes, is exactly the same as commercial shopping. If you see a pair of shoes that you like in one shop, it’s quite common for you to think about looking elsewhere to locate something similar at a cheaper price, right? Sports betting is no different to this. Let’s say that you know that there’s going to be some of your favourite football events taking place soon. The upcoming match will be Arsenal taking on Everton. You want to place a wager on this event and you believe that Arsenal will win it.

So, you go to your first sportsbook and log in to find that the odds on Arsenal winning are available at 6/1. You may then want to look at the other bookmaker that you have an account with, to find out if it’s offering better odds. Or, maybe you want to sign up at a third one, because you’ve spotted that Arsenal have odds of 11/2 there. This is basically what the Do Your Shopping system is all about. Finding the best odds to take advantage of when you can.

In this instance, why wouldn’t you shop around? After all, if you can gain more profit from a bet that you place at one sportsbook than another, it’s pretty much the best way of going about things. Therefore, this hint is very much something that all professional sports bettors keep in mind. Finding the best odds and then using them to your own advantage.

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Top sports betting systems: Homework comes first

There are some sports bettors who go onwards with placing random wagers on different sports. Others use a more technical approach and analyse every single detail of such. However, there is a middle ground that you can utilise as part of a good strategy. Homework Comes First is anothe technique of our collection. In actuality, it works as the most important sports betting strategy of all. It’s vital that you do your homework on an event that you potentially want to bet on. After all, how else are you going to know who’s playing or racing, or what their previous match outcomes have been?

Researching a team or a player or a horse for example, is quite important before you place a bet on one. It’s only natural that having as much information and knowledge on what you want to bet on is the best strategy to work with. Of course, placing a bet on a simple hunch will work some of the time too, but in the long run, it’s not something that you should rely on all the time. Let’s find out how this method will assist you.

Homework Comes First, Betting Comes Second

To be able to make an adequate profit from sports betting, you will need to research into the events that you’re wagering on. This doesn’t just mean finding out what event is happening and when. It means the general details of the event too. So, if you’re interested in placing bets on a football match for example, you’ll want to know certain pieces of data. Let’s take an example of Manchester United playing a game against Real Madrid. If Manchester United is the team that you want to support with your wagers, then you’ll want to know several things.

For example, if you want to bet on the team to win, then you’ll really want to know how they’ve been playing previously. It doesn’t really make much sense to bet on Manchester United to win if they’ve lost their last three games. Additionally, if you wish to bet on who will score the first goal, it’s important to know if there is a specific player that has scored more opening goals than any other for the team in this season. Or perhaps you need to take a look at whether Manchester United has scored over 1.5 goals before half time in the majority of its games previously. All of these pieces of information will combine to ensure that you have a full knowledge of the team’s history. Should Real Madrid appear to be better off in certain instances, then you may consider placing a couple of wagers in that team’s direction too.

That’s why Homework Comes First is always a great system to incorporate into your betting strategy. With it, you’ll be able to stay informed on what team’s, players, racers etc., and better to wager on in their different categories. We’re not saying that this will always amount to you winning, but it does give you more of an edge over someone who places a bet randomly and without any specific cause to do so.

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Sports betting strategies that work: Focus on one team

While professional sports bettors may already have their own strategy in place, what do newcomers do? After all, it may be one thing to understand how sports betting works on the whole. It’s quite another to get used to placing bets and figuring out the best type of wager to place. That’s why this Method focuses solely on newbies to the world of sports betting. Simply put, we recommend that newcomers Focus on One Team. Now, this is quite the suggestion, considering that there are hundreds of betting lines across multiple different sports.

While the appeal may be to go in head first and place bets on multiple different sports in multiple different ways, it’s not a recipe for success. Luck may come your way at times, but to really profit from sports betting and to understand it, this Method works the best. If you’re a casual bettor who possesses a large balance, then it may not particularly be of interest. However, if you want to go ahead with sports betting for a long time, then it’s vital to learn more about it. That’s why System 9 is always going to be a great route to follow.

Focusing on One Team to Begin With

Not only do we suggest focusing on one sport to start off with, but also on one specific team from that sport too. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with sports betting on the whole, as well as the sportsbook that you’re placing bets at. It will also reduce the time that you need to spend incorporating system 8 into your strategy – doing your research. Some great ways of informing yourself on your chosen team is to watch games of them. Watch for player and coaching tendencies to give yourself a bit of an edge over the average bettor.

You could choose one specific team for a season in one sports area, and then once the season is over move on to another one from a different sport. However, once you have chosen that team, be sure to stick with them throughout. When you already know about one team, you can spend more time researching their opponents so that you can effectively place bets on the match. So, if you choose to focus on the New England Patriots for a season of the NFL, learn all that you can about the team. Which players have what tendencies, how the coaches work with substitutions.

Of course, the temptation to waiver away from a single team will be quite large. Especially considering you’ll need to stick with them for an entire season. Additionally, lines won’t always be the same for the team that you have chosen, so you may miss out on great offerings for other teams. However, the long-term advantages do cancel out these problems. You just need to have a bit of will power to remain with them and learn as much as possible before a match takes place.

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Best betting strategies: Place bets based on ATS Records

The next system in our selection of the best sports betting strategies is placing bets based on ATS records. Now, this may sound completely confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with sports betting in general. The abbreviation of ATS stands for “against the spread”. So, the strategy requires you to see how teams fare against the spread. This information is quite easy to find too, because it’s freely published on a vast number of sites for all major sports leagues.

Let’s take a look at a bit of an example, shall we? Say that you want to place a wager on the American Football team, the Minnesota Vikings. So, you take a look at the team’s win-loss record, which stands at 18-11. That’s quite a good outcome at first glance. However, upon looking further into this, you see that the ATS record for the Vikings is 10-19. If you were to judge the team by its ATS record, it wouldn’t really seem to be a good choice for betting on. And if you’re able to back up the ATS records with certain trends, the outcome will be even better for you.

The Pros and Cons of Using the ATS Records

All betting strategies have their own pros and cons. It’s the same with most things. Fortunately, some are more appealing because the pros outweigh the cons. As far as the system goes, it does have a couple of very nice pros. Firstly, given that the idea of spread betting is to accurately guess who covers the spread, the ATS record is an ultimately important stat to know about. Because this information is so readily available, it gives you direct insight into the bets that you could potentially place. Obviously, it’s important to incorporate other data into your strategy, but the ATS should be a top priority too.

Naturally, as with anything from the past, it’s not always going to be directly indicative of something that will take place in the future. A new opposing team will present alternative challenges, and this is not something that the ATS records will cover. However, because the ATS records are so easy to locate, anybody is able to use such in their betting strategy.

When you combine using the ATS records with other data, such as that mentioned in other methods in our collection, you can really put yourself at a stronger advantage over other bettors. On the whole, the more knowledge that you have about a team or teams, the better the position you’re in. As far as the ATS strategy goes, it’s always recommended for players to use software to be able to put more context behind ATS records. Don’t go blindly in by making all of your bets solely based on this sole statistic.

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