There are some online sportsbook betting systems that are more well-known than others, and this is one of them. Martingale betting method can work quite nicely if the saying, “fortune favours the brave”, is to be believed. It’s basically a method that involves you increasing your wager after any failed bet. The idea behind doing so is to cover the losses of the previous bet that you placed. Of course, this does seem somewhat counter-intuitive as you could continue increasing your bet until you’re out of money. However, it can work in some circumstances.

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The Martingale method is actually any sort of betting strategy that originates from 18th century France. The simplest of these notable strategies saw a gambler win his stake if a coin came up heads and lose it if it came up tails. He would then double up his bet if he lost a coin toss and continue to do so after every consecutive loss. This strategy has been applied to roulette a lot more than anything else, but works for sports betting too. Naturally, if you have a strong money balance, this system will inevitably work for you at some point. So, it’s probably a system that stronger gamblers would utilise. Let’s find out more about method 2, the Martingale Strategy.

Utilising the Martingale Sports Betting Strategy

While the Martingale system can be astoundingly great for you once you do hit a win on a higher bet, it’s also the cause of some bettors losing out. This is because there is no amount of information about the results of your past bets that can be used to predict the outcome of a future bet so accurately. While in theory, the idea is a good one for you to be able to cover your losses, in practise it’s a difficult one to really put to use.

Let’s say for an example, that you place a wager on a horse race. You bet that horse number 5 will finish in first place with a £10 wager. The horse finishes in third, so you lose that bet. The Martingale system them requires you to place a £20 wager on the following horse race, so that if you do win on this one, your original £10 bet is made back. You continue to do this as long as you’re losing, which means that you double up to £40 and then £80 on proceeding races. Should you finally win, the amount that you receive back will more than make up for the bets placed.

This betting system is great for those bettors who don’t have a limited bank balance. So, if you’re betting with a balance of £5,000 for example, you can go pretty far with the Martingale system and potentially make back any losses. However, for those with much lower balance of £100 or less for example, it’s a bad option to go for. Mainly because you’ll stand little chance of gaining back what you lose before your entire balance is gone.

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